Industry Robot Xyz Motorized Linear Stages

Industry Robot Xyz Motorized Linear Stages

This is the Hollow Rotary Table model number GSN200-18K-SV with table size 200mm gear ratio 1:18 for servo motor. GIGAGER Hollow Rotary Table also called Hollow Rotary Stage which are designed specially for servo motor gearbox for motion control applications. It takes full advantage of the flexibility of the servo motor, giving designers greater freedom of mechanism design.
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The company adheres to the tenet of 'quality oriented, customer first', and develops innovative products for high quality Hollow Rotary Indexing Table, high quality Hollow Rotary Stage For Robot Arm Joint, high quality Mini Reversible Speed Control Motor in the fierce market competition. We believe that corporate interests are the prerequisite for the realization of other interests. Therefore, corporate interests should be put first in value judgments and profit selection. With our elite design team, innovative design thinking, scientific management and perfect after-sales service, we quickly become a brand team in the field. The overall quality of our company's management and technical team is domestically first-class. With the development goal of 'becoming bigger and stronger, standing in the same industry with pride', we have made continuous progress and offered high grade products and service to many customers.

This is the Hollow Rotary Table model number GSN200-18K-SV with table size 200mm gear ratio 1:18 for servo motor. GIGAGER Hollow Rotary Table also called Hollow Rotary Stage which are designed specially for servo motor gearbox for motion control applications. It takes full advantage of the flexibility of the servo motor, giving designers greater freedom of mechanism design.

1. Specification of Model GSN200-18K-SV



Motor Type

Brand 750W SV Motor

Rotary Platform Bearing

Cross Roller Bearing

Permissible Torque



Permissible Speed


150(Table Surface)

Gear Ratio


Moment of Inertia



Permissible Axial Load



Permissible Moment of Inertia Load


Positioning Accuracy


≦ 1


sec±5 ( 0.001° )

Platform   Flatness



Platform   Concentricity



Ingress   Protection



Precision   Lifespan






Motor Parameter






GYS 751D5



















*The servo motor is configured by the customer. The above model is for reference only


2. What is the Hollow Rotary Table?

3. What is the Product Features of SV type Hollow Rotary Table?


4. System Configuration of SV Type Hollow Rotary Table

5. How Many SV Model Are Available?



6. How to Achieve for Bigger Gear Ratio Output?

Combination of Hollow Rotary Table with Planetary Reducer


Combination of Hollow Rotary Table with Right Angle Reducer


7. What Type of Device Could Use the Hollow Rotary Actuator?

Demo Video Link:

a. Demo for Gyro Test

b. Demo for the 4th Axis or 5th Axis

For more video, please click GIGAGER Youtube Channel:

8. How to Select the Right Model for My Device?


For more info of model selection of Hollow Rotary Actuator, please refer to the Model Selection Pages in Catalogue.

9. How to Install the Servo Motor to Hollow Rotary Table?

Please refer to the Catalogue or contact our technical sales.

10. Why choose GIGAGER?

11. FAQ

12. Related Information

GIGAGER Motorized rotary tables incorporate an aluminum alloy housing with bearing and precision gear drive. Multiple choices of gear reduction are available. Features no backlash, large center hole-through compact motorized stages and compact design. Supplied with stepper motors or servo motor/encoder combination.

Guangdong Saini Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd manufactures linear actuators, XXY tables and rotary tables for the industry, government, science and research institutions around the world. Our precision rotary actuators, XXY stages and linear actuators are used in the applications in medical devices, life sciences, semiconductor and electronic assembly manufacturing, data storage, laser processing, military/aerospace, photonics, automotive and test assembly, research and development and other industries requiring high precision and throughput motion control solutions.

What is the Fourth Axis, fifth Axis in CNC Lathe?

The forth axis and fifth axis refers to the two rotary axis of the machining center except X, Y, and Z.

Types of five-axis machine tools: cradle, vertical, horizontal, NC table + NC indexing head, NC table + 90 ° B axis, NC table + 45 ° B axis, NC table + universal horizontal Five-axis linkage CNC machine A-axis °, two-axis NC spindle, etc.

There are two ways for the rotary shaft of the vertical five-axis machining center. One is the rotary shaft of the table. The table set on the bed can be rotated around the X-axis. It is defined as the A-axis. The general working range of the A-axis is +30 degrees to - 120 degrees. There is also a turntable in the middle of the workbench, which is rotated around the Z axis, defined as the C axis, and the C axis is 360 degrees. The advantage of this arrangement is that the structure of the spindle is relatively simple, the rigidity of the spindle is very good, and the manufacturing cost is relatively low. However, the general workbench cannot be designed too large, and the load-bearing weight is also small. Especially when the A-axis rotation is greater than or equal to 90 degrees, the workpiece will bring a large load-bearing moment to the workbench when it is cut.

The other is the rotation of the vertical spindle head. The front end of the spindle is a turret, which can wrap 360 degrees around the Z-axis to become the C-axis. The slewing head also has an A-axis that can rotate around the X-axis, generally up to ±90 degrees, to achieve the same function. The advantage of this arrangement is that the spindle machining is very flexible and the workbench can be designed very large. The huge fuselage of the passenger aircraft and the huge engine casing can be processed on such machining centers.

GIGAGER hollow rotary table has an combination form of the forth axis and the fifth axis. For details, please contact technical sales.

Our company has always adhered to the 'intimate service, more appropriate products, help customers, achievements of employees, common development' business philosophy and constantly develop better Industry Robot Xyz Motorized Linear Stages. We would make friends with businessmen from at home and abroad, following the purpose of 'Quality First, Reputation First, the Best Services'. Our company attaches great importance to the management of corporate culture. By establishing a corporate culture suitable for the survival and development of the enterprise, it has become an inexhaustible driving force for the development of our company.
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