Tianyue Investment Group Visited Giga Precision

- Mar 13, 2021-

Tianyue Investment Group from Cenral China Hunan Province visited Giga Precision in Dongguan, China on 8th March, 2021. President Mr Liu Huanxin warmly welcomed the guest from Tianyue Investment Group. Group Pesident Mr.Wu , General Manager Mr.Su, Vice General Manager Mr.Wang presented the meeting and visited G+ factory.


G+ General Manager, Mr.Liu Huanxin introduced the technology and application of G+ automation products to Mr.Wu Minsi and his group, showing the advantages and highlights of Gigager's products and solutions. The two parties exchanged views on the current situation and development trends of the domestic and foreign automation markets.


Later, Mr.Wu Minsi and his group visited G+ production workshop, warehouse, and research and development laboratories. The delegation was impressed by the strong technical force, powerful production capacity and strict quality control of the factory. The guests spoke highly of G+'s efficient and orderly supply chain management and its steady growth potential.


Giga Precision is one national high-tech enterprise that has been contributed in the mechanical transmission field for more than decade, integrating the research and development, production and sales of mechanical and electrical equipment, general mechanical equipment and accessories. The main products include harmonic reducers, hollow rotary reducers, planetary reducers, cam indexers, vibrating part feeders and other electromechanical products. G+ has won good reputation the market share with its strong technical strength, mature solutions and reliable quality.


Tianyue Investment Group has a registered capital of RMB 100 million.

The business scope of Tianyue Investment Group includes: capital investment services, engaged in the management of state-owned assets within the scope of government authorization, state-owned enterprises and state-owned assets acquisition and custody, asset disposal, state-owned equity management, corporate reorganization and mergers and other capital operations and management , Use its own assets to invest and finance public service projects, undertake the investment management of municipal engineering and other infrastructure projects in the county area, and other investment project development, construction, service management, cultural tourism industry investment and management, and comprehensive development and utilization of the tourism industry. Planning and design, development and management of tourist attractions, land acquisition and storage, land management, land consolidation and development, real estate development, lease and management of self-built commercial houses and supporting facilities, mining, mineral product sales, sand and gold exploration, mining and management, Energy project development, energy product sales, school and hospital construction, teaching, medical equipment procurement, and other businesses authorized and managed by the county people’s government according to law.