Speed Reducer Tips

- Nov 16, 2018-

1. After 200~300 hours of operation, the oil should be changed for the first time. In the future use, the quality of the oil should be checked regularly. For the mixed impurities or deteriorated oil, it must be replaced in time. Under normal circumstances, for long-term continuous operation of the reducer, the replacement of new oil according to the operation of 5000 hours or once a year, the long-term deactivated reducer, should also be replaced with new oil before re-run. The reducer should be added with the same oil as the original grade, and should not be mixed with different grades of oil. The oils with the same grade and different viscosity are allowed to be mixed;

2. When changing oil, wait for the reducer to cool down without burning danger, but still keep warm, because after the complete cooling, the viscosity of the oil increases and it is difficult to drain. Note: The power supply of the transmission should be cut off to prevent unintentional energization;

3. During work, when the oil temperature rise exceeds 80 °C or the oil pool temperature exceeds 100 °C and abnormal noise is generated, stop using it. Check the cause, remove the fault, and replace the lubricating oil before continuing operation. ;

4. The user should have reasonable rules for the use and maintenance. The operation of the reducer and the problems found in the inspection should be carefully recorded. The above provisions should be strictly implemented.