Spanish Client Visited Saini Intelligent And Inspected Order

- Jun 12, 2019-

Spanish client paid a visit to Saini Intelligent Headquarters on 10th June. Mr Karim, International Dept Manager of Saini Intelligent, received the client and discussed the cooperation between both parties.

Mr Ruben, who came from one advanced automation solutions group in Spain, inspected the order product which their company placed. After reviewing the product, Mr Ruben expressed satisfaction on high product quality, in-time delivery time, strict quality control and inspection. He also indicated that more cooperation needed in future.

Mr Karim wamly welcome more cooperation between both parties, G+ product shall keep on providing clients high standard quality, accurate delivery time and safety economic transportation solutions.

It is said that Spanish client cooperated on the product of Hypoid Rotary Table GSH100-30K-SV with Servo Motor for one automation project in Spain. Hypoid Rotary Table GSH100 features with high gear ratio, high torque and can be installed suspension. 

Spainish Client Visited Saini Intelligent

Hypoid Hollow Rotary Table

Hypoid Rotary Table