Servo Rotary Table Received Five Star Comments From Customer

- Apr 02, 2019-

A batch of Right Angle Hollow Rotary Table for Indian client was delivered on schedule recently. Client applied the right angle rotary gearbox into Ultrasoinc Plastic Welding Machine Branson 2000 and other automation production line. After receiving and testing the goods, client was satisfied and made a five star comment on our product and service.

Five Star Comment for Servo Rotary Table

This batch of hollow rotary table are GSA200-05K-SV, GSA200M-50K-SV, GSA130-03K-SV,etc. The GSA200M is a type of 90 degree rotary table with planetary gearbox making the gear ratio 50K. 

The G+ Right Angle Hollow Rotary Table also called 90 degree hollow rotary gearboxes which are designed specially for servo motor gearbox for motion control applications. Some of right angle speed reducers are also called steering gearboxes or spiral bevel gearboxes which are for applications where the direction changes are needed. They are features of integrated stainless steel body to ensure maximum rigidity and corrosion resistance.

Below is a video of application:

Rotary Table GSA130-03K-SV

Servo Rotary Table