Servo Hypoid Rotary Actuator For Spain Market Handed Over On Schedule

- Jun 28, 2019-

A batch of Hypoid Rotary Actuators for Spain market ready and delivered on 26th June. This batch of goods mainly are Hypoid Rotary Table GSH100-30K-SV model and brand 400w servo motor with driver and home sensors.

It is said that this batch of servo hypoid rotary actuators are for one automation project in Spain. User adopts the product for suspension installation and complete the rotary actions.

Spanish client visited Saini Intelligent and inspected the production at the middle of June, they showed great satisfaction on our product quality, quality control, standard production procedure, testing measurement and accurate delivery time. 

Hypoid Rotary Table is a kind of gearbox integrated right angle gearbox and Hypoid gears, featured with high torque, high gear ratio, high IP grade, high precision, low wear. It adopts sliding mode to rotate, the transmission precision can reach 30 arc seconds, the transmission efficiency is up to 96%; the gear geometric tolerance ≤ 0.002mm, up to JIS0 level standard. Hypoid Rotary Table also called High Torque Rotary Stage, Hypoid Hollow Rotary Stage, Right Angle Hypoid Gearbox, etc.

Saini Intelligent provides 4 types of Hypoid Rotary Table. GSH60-30K, GSH100-30K, GSH150-30K, GSH200-30K. According to different using, G+ Hypoid Rotary Table could be connect different types and sizes of motor, including stepper motor and servo motor. Saini Intelligent provides many options of flanges for matching with clients’requirement.

The Hypoid Rotary Table is widely used for auto transmission system, CNC and robot arm fields. Hypoid Rotary Table could be installed horizontal, suspension and side installation.

client Inspected the aging test

Servo Hypoid Rotary Table

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