Right Angle Planetary Reducer Features

- Dec 30, 2018-

First, high positioning accuracy: Planetary reducer uses precision grinding gears, smooth tooth surface and precise tooth shape. The gear box, bracket and structural design of the tough material are used for high stability and strict quality control.

Second, high torque: Planetary reducer uses high quality roller cone bearings, so that the output shaft can withstand greater axial and radial loads. The gear box and bracket are made of strong material and the overall structure design.

Third, high startability: Due to the structural balance of the planetary reducer and high precision, low moment of inertia, it can have high startability.

Fourth, low noise: the use of precision grinding gears, the tooth surface accuracy is high and smooth, making the gears smooth and low noise. The use of selected lubricants: German-made synthetic lubricants, instead of grease lubrication used in general reducers, due to good fluidity, the gears can operate under full oil film protection, reducing noise.

Fifth, the low-back backlash: Under the precision processing and strict quality control, the standard backlash is 4~6 arc minutes in one section; the two sections are 6-8 arc minutes. The precision backlash is 2 to 4 arc minutes in one segment and 4 to 6 arc minutes in the two segments. A lower backlash can be accepted if needed.

Sixth, easy to install: the connecting plate of the servo planetary reducer and the input shaft hole size are elastically designed, so that the planetary reducer can be combined with the servo horses of each brand.

Seven, long life: maintenance-free: precision grinding gear, using high-grade nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel, after hobbing and deep carburizing and hardening treatment, and then through the tooth surface grinding, making the gear rigid, and the tooth surface smooth wear resistance good. The planetary reducer adopts German high-quality synthetic lubricant. Due to its good fluidity and rich in extreme pressure and pressure-resistant agent, the parts in the gear box are fully lubricated and protected. The Japanese high-quality non-deteriorating oil seal makes it easy to seal. It adopts Western European famous brand roller cone bearings to withstand the maximum axial radial load. The above excellent quality comprehensive effect makes the speed reducer long life free of maintenance.