Mini A B Rotary Axis For Italian Robot Manufacturer Delivered On Schedule

- Mar 25, 2019-

A batch of Mini A B Rotary Axis was finished production and delivered to Italian client recently.

This batch of Mini AB Rotary Axis were made for one Italian robot manufacturer who will assemble them onto their automation line. Mini AB Rotary Axis is a kind of combination works made of two hollow rotary table, one stand, sensor, servo motor or stepper motor, it can realize the action of 360 degree rotating and 180 degree rotating with backward and forward direction.

Mini Rotary Axis

Mini A B Rotary Axis is widely used in the mobile phone engraving, dispensing, inspection fields, . Below is an application video:

G+ Mini AB Roary Axis featured with compact design with light weight, high precision and long life, reliable and easy installation, etc. This product was entrusted by well-known system integrators and reputable world-class manufacturer from China and the world.

Besides the Mini AB Rotary Axis, Saini Intelligent also produce smart fifth axis, single arm rotary axis and cradle rotary axis. Saini Intelligent is delicated for providing advanced rotary solutions for the clients.