New Hollow Rotary Table And Motorized Stages Showcased At 2019 Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou

- Mar 15, 2019-

At 2019 Industrial Automation Fair in Guangzhou from 10th March to 12th March, GIGA Precision (Saini Intelligent) exhibited a series of new demonstration unit showcasing advanced rotary solutions by GIGA Precision. At the exhibition, Motorized Stage Series and Hollow Rotary Table Series drawn attention from the clients and andience.

2019 Industrial Automation Fair in Guangzhou

GIGA Precision booth located at 3F11 in 3.1 hall of China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. New product of Motorized Stages and Hollow Rotary Table exhibited at the fair.

Motorized stages contains XXY alignment stage, XXY5M-01 Positioning Stage, Precision X Axis Motorized Table, Z Axis Motion Stage, Z Axis Micro Positioning Stage, XY Table, XYZ Axis Motorized Table and XYZ Stage. Visitors showed great interest in those product.

UVW Alignment Stage     Visual Micro Alignment System

Hollow rotary table exhibited new demo of Hypoid Rotary Table, High Torque Hollow Rotary Table, Micro Rotary Axis, Single Arm Rotary Axis Smart Fifth Axis and Rotary Axis.

Micro AB Axis           Micro Rotary Testing Device

Clients from Huawei Technology, Foxconn, Han’s Laser, BYD Auto visited our booth and made a deep communication with us. Distributors in China area joined us to introduce G+ product to audience.

Giga Precision         XXY alignment stage

Z Axis Stage         GIGA Precision Booth

XY Theta Positioning Stage         GIGA Precision

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