Heavy Duty Hollow Rotary Actuator Showcased At China International Automation Tech Fair

- Aug 20, 2020-

G+ was pleased to be back at China International Automation Tech Fair 2020 in Guangzhou, China from 11th August to 13th August, where showcased a selection of its new demo and new product ranges.

Key products on the stand include the highly-regarded Heavy Duty Hypoid Rotary Actuator which adopts hypoid gear making the high torque transmission possible. Hypoid Rotary Table is a kind of gearbox integrated right angle gearbox and Hypoid gears, featured with high torque, high gear ratio, high IP grade, high precision, low wear. The precision of repeatability are less than 10 arc seconds, the transmission efficiency is up to 96%; the gear geometric tolerance ≤ 0.002mm, up to JIS0 level standard. Hypoid Rotary Table also called High Torque Rotary Stage, Hypoid Hollow Rotary Stage, Right Angle Hypoid Gearbox, etc.

Servo Rotary Actuator

G+ also presented a series of rotary solutions, such as hollow rotary table, right angle rotary reducers, etc. Besides, a series of Precision Positioning Table also presented in the booth which draw great attention from the visitors.

In order to hold the exhibition under the epidemic of COVID-19, the host of this fair took strict measurement on epidemic control to make sure that everyone attending and visiting this fair are safe. 

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