G+ Shined At 2021 SPS Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Fair

- Mar 06, 2021-

From March 3rd to 5th, the 2021 SPS Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Exhibition was successfully held in Zone B of the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. With the core of "Intelligent Manufacturing", the fair aims to create an integrated industrial intelligent manufacturing commerce platform, covering advanced products and solutions in the industrial sector including automation, molds, 3D printing, smart industrial parks, factory maintenance, laser welding, metal processing, bearings, die-casting, etc. to fully meet the demands of intelligent transformation of industrial manufacturing and production.

As the first show after 2021 CNY, G+ (GIGA Precision) did not disappoint its supporters! G+ took advantaged products to the fair, including the exclusive design of the hollow rotary actuator, the linear module of the patented nozzle design, the complete series of planetary reducers and harmonic drive reducers, and the latest product precision pitch shifter. The booth attracted many industry buyers and professional visitors to visit.

SPS Exhibition-Giga Precision_


The star product precision pitch shifter with outstanding features such as flexible pitch shift frequency, high precision ±0.02mm, and maintenance-free structure design is very attractive. This is Giga Precision’s latest automation solution product covering electronics, semiconductor, chemical etc. and many other industries.

Pitch Changer

Through the demo sample of the 360-degree rotary actuator customized for Huawei, with professional explanations of sales team, many buyers and visitors once again were impressed on G+’s hollow rotary actuator series with advantages of high torque, high precision, and large-diameter hollow structure design that particularly suitable for complex wiring.

Hollow Rotary Actuators


G+ has won the market with its strong technical strength, mature solutions and reliable quality. At this fair, Giga Precision sales team introduced the technology and application of full series products to customers in detail, demonstrated the advantages and highlights of our products and solutions, and received unanimous praise from visitors.

"In the future, we will continue to explore more intelligent manufacturing application scenarios and opportunities, develop related solution products, and contribute to the promotion and progress of industrial intelligent manufacturing." said Mr. Huang, Giga Precision sales director.