Features Of Right Angle Planetary Reducer

- Dec 07, 2018-

1, the unique multi-stage reduction ratio, high-efficiency output torque, right-angle planetary gear reducer device is the best combination of servo motor, stepper motor and other precision transmission mechanism.

2, the patented inner ring design ensures the use and low noise.

3, the closed full oil seal design ensures that the grease does not leak.

4, low loss precision gear design transmission efficiency of 98%.

5, suitable for NEMA motors according to the standard specifications, easy to install.

6, the smallest product in the same class, the most suitable for limited equipment space.

7, high-precision planetary reducer low backlash 3-5 arc points, standard 6-10 arc points are available.

8, the internal components of the right-angle planetary reducer use heat-treated high-strength alloy steel, which can cope with the severe and harsh working environment.