G+ Distributor Training Held In Dongguan

- Jul 13, 2019-

In conjunction with the launch of new motorized positioning table, Saini Intelligent organized one day long sessions of product training for domestic distributors in it’s Dongguan office on 12th July, 2019. Distributor from Guangdong area participated in the training.

Saini Intelligent launched its new motorized positioning table in 2019 with breakthrough designs and technologies. The purpose of the training is to let channel partners completely understand the advanced design, features and benefits of G+ brand and new product. Partners were impressed and excited by the features of new products. 

Distributor Training of G+ Product

In the training, Mr Huang, marketing manager of Saini Intelligent introduced the G+ new product, including different sizes of XXY positioning table, X axis precision motorized stage, Z axis elevating table, Z axis wedge elevating table, XY axis motorized stages, XYZ axis motorized stages, hypoid hollow rotary table and various rotary axes.

The training courses received very positive feedback from distributors. “You made the precision transmission systems exciting again”, said one partner. “It is of big support to us and we will surely benefit from the training”, another distributor told the trainer.

Saini Intelligent has been focusing on expanding influence of its products and service to the precision speed reducer fields.  Due to its innovative products and strong service from channel partner network in china domestics and overseas partners, its business grows rapidly worldwide.


About Saini Intelligent:

Driven by innovation and quality, Saini Intelligent is a dedicated provider of precision speed reducer for automation industry. At the same time, Saini produces comprehensive precision positioning table with reliable performance. The speed reducer made by Saini Intelligent are trusted by well-known system integrators and reputable factories from China and the world.