Cam Indexing Drive For European Market Delivered On Schedule

- Mar 25, 2019-

A batch of Cam Indexing Drive with Motor was delivered to European market recently.

This batch of cam indexer are the series of 110DA Ultrathin Table Model Cam Indexer. The matched motor and sensor were connected with the table model cam indexer. The client is a famous injection moulding and tooling manufacturer in Europe. They use this type of cam indexer to drive the rotary table for producing the plastic parts with the cooperation of manipulators.

110DA Cam Indexer

110DA Cam Indexing Drive with Motor

Saini Intelligent is an advanced rotary solutions supplier, we are not only produce cam indexer, but also produce the hollow rotary table with high precision.

Saini Intelligent provides wide range of cam indexing drive, including shaft model, flange model, flange shaft model, table model, ultrathin table model, sway model, shaft sway model, paradex model, fifth axis coupling model, triple shaft model, lifting model and custom model.

cam indexer

cam indexing drive