European Standard Belt Sliding Table

GKR European standard belt sliding table module can realize high load and high speed with high precision.
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1. What is GKR series?

GKR European standard belt sliding table module can realize high load and high speed with high precision. The longest stroke of this kind belt sliding module is 5000mm, while the repeat accuracy can be ±0.1mm. The steel belt has an additional roller design that is not easy to fall into dust, while the design of steel roller support easy to produce dust. Because of the anti- dust design, so the simple maintenance is enough.

2.How to select?

Regardless of your application, when considering the options among pre-assembled linear systems, start with the four primary application parameters—stroke, load, speed, and precision. Once the magnitude and importance of these criteria are determined, other parameters, such as noise, rigidity, and environmental factors, can help narrow the field and make final sizing and selection less time-consuming.

3.What are the features?

1) high accuracy;

2) customized length up to 4 meters;

3) anti-corrosion;

4) maintenance-free

5) noiseless

6) low vibration

7) high reliability

8) high durability

9) flexible installation

4. Applications

Linear modules are used in automation fields that require precise linear transmission and positioning. Such as machine tools, electrical machines, measuring equipment, laser welding, laser cutting, gluing, punching, plug-in, ray scanning, textile, metallurgy, medical treatment, printing, engraving and other machinery.

1) Robot arms

2) 3D printer machines

3) CNC router machines

4) Pick and place machines

5) Glue dispenser

6) Painting machines

7) Packing machines

8) Coding machines

9) Gantry Robot

10) Laser engraving and cutting machines

5.How to order?

1) Share your idea with us.

2) Provide us with weight of the load and stroke length for each axis, together with travel speed and structure.

3) Estimate costs/ quotation.

4) Put your order to production after payment.

5) Arrange the shipping for you.

6) Comment on the products and service so we can do better.

6. The GKR Series as following:

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