Why Should The Servo Motor be Equipped With Planetary Reducer?

- Dec 25, 2020-

Planetary reducer is an industrial product. It has the price of industrial products and is widely used in industrial applications.


Why should the servo motor be equipped with a planetary reducer? The function of the servo motor is to realize servo, that is precise positioning. The output speed and torque of the planetary reducer can be adjusted as required. Since the motor's speed output is usually constant (only a few gears), the actual required speed varies greatly, so a planetary reducer is needed to adjust to the required speed range.


When the servo motor load is large, blindly increasing the servo motor power to meet the required torque will cause cost waste. Therefore, it is reasonable to choose a servo planetary reducer suitable for the reduction ratio within the required speed range. The function of the servo planetary reducer is to decelerate and increase the output torque.


The main transmission structure of the planetary reducer is composed of sun gear, planetary gear and gear ring. Planetary reducer has the advantages of small size, large torque, small moment of inertia, small backlash, high precision, high efficiency, low noise, long life, maintenance-free, and can be installed at will. It is suitable for servo motors and stepping motors of various brands. Only when the servo motors and planetary reducers work together can the industrial production efficiency be maximized.