Why Oil Temperature is High During Use of The Planetary Reducer?

- Dec 15, 2020-

The oil temperature is relatively high when using a planetary reducer. So why is this? What can we do to solve this problem? Now Gigager’s engineer will explain to you.


1. The lubricating oil has been used for too long or the quality is unqualified.

At present, most of the lubricants we use are 320# pressure gear oil. If you add lubricating oil that is inconsistent with the reducer model or have not replaced the lubricating oil for a long time, the temperature of the reducer oil will become high;


2. Too much lubricant is filled.

When the lubricating oil is filled too much and exceeds the limit of the oil gauge, the oil temperature will be high;


3. The mechanical parts of the reducer are damaged.

Mechanical damage includes severe pitting of gears, broken teeth, bearing cages, inner and outer rings, ball damage, bearing jams or severe shaft deformation;


4. The surface of the reducer is covered with dust and sundries.

When the accumulation around the reducer or the surface of the machine body has not been cleaned for a long time, it may be that the deceleration of the reducer is incomplete due to debris or dust covering, which causes the oil temperature to rise;


5. The cooling device is blocked or broken.

The cooling device is placed in a dusty workshop like the reducer. If the internal pipeline is not cleaned for a long time, the cooling device is blocked or the cooling device is damaged, the oil temperature of the reducer will rise too;


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