Where can the linear module of the servo motor be used?

- Dec 11, 2020-

The linear module is an automatic transmission equipment, but its operation requires a motor to drive to realize its value. There are two types of linear module motors, one is a stepper motor, the other is a servo motor, and both types of motors are There are various advantages, but in comparison, the servo motor will have more advantages than the stepper motor. Where the linear modules of the servo motors can be applied and what are the characteristics?

GLH 500x450

The linear module uses servo motor control, which is suitable for electronic equipment parts transfer, positioning, spraying industry etc.workpiece positioning, clamping, handling, insertion and other capacity automation, which are widely used in various telescopic applications and high-precision positioning equipment, robotic arms, packaging equipment, non-standard equipment, printing equipment, textile machinery, woodworking machinery, transfer Equipment, dispensers, spraying machinery, CNC machinery, automation, robot testing equipment, cutting guides, production line handling, deviation correction, valve switches, etc.


Application of choosing servo motor linear module:

1. Automatic spraying and painting machine: It can reduce labor and save spraying raw materials.

2. Automatic dispensing machine: can reduce labor and save spraying raw materials.

3. Automatic book retrieval machine: used for large-scale library equipment, easy to manage.

4. Automatic laser machine: It can be used for laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine with precise positioning.


The characteristics of choosing servo motor linear module:

1. Precise, robust, can be single-axis used or multi-axis combination, modular application

2. Light weight, large output, fast response, high speed, small inertia, smooth rotation and stable torque.