What to pay attention to when choosing a linear slide?

- Feb 25, 2021-

When purchasing a linear slide, a very important question is the driving method of the linear slide, because many consumers do not understand its driving method when buying a linear slide, and the linear slide is due to the driving method. Different prices and conditions will vary.

Theoretically, there are two transmission modes for linear slides, one is screw drive and the other is synchronous belt drive. There are essential differences between the two in terms of use conditions. One price may be more expensive, and the relative price may be slightly cheaper.

The linear sliding table transmission method has the characteristics of good repeat, high precision, and large bearing capacity of ±0.005mm. In industrial production, it is often used for production with certain precision. When selecting the screw drive, attention should be paid to the selection of the screw. Generally, factors such as load, speed, and torque should be considered when selecting. The screw linear sliding table should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance during use. After cleaning for a long time, it is necessary to replace the dirt and oil in time. Generally, maintenance is required once every half a month. The price of the screw drive is generally higher due to different accessories and different transmission methods.

The synchronous belt linear sliding table transmission method has the characteristics of fast speed, generally up to 1.5m/s, and effective stroke up to 2.5m. The timing belt has low transmission accuracy and large load. It has been widely used in industrial production. However, due to accessories Different, the price of synchronous belt transmission is generally more affordable.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the following when purchasing a linear slide:

Pay attention to the accuracy and durability of the linear slide

Accuracy persistence is the basic ability of the linear slide to maintain the original geometric accuracy during the specific implementation process, which has a lot to do with the dimensional stability and the wear resistance of the guide rail. Therefore, when purchasing linear sliding table products, you must pay attention to the persistence of its accuracy, otherwise in actual operation, it is easy to cause inaccurate product accuracy.

Pay attention to the guiding accuracy of the linear slide

During the movement of the guide surface, the accuracy of the guide surface refers to the precise level of the trajectory of the linear slide. In all aspects, the main factor affecting the accuracy of the guide surface is the rigidity held by the oil film. In addition, the surface roughness and geometric accuracy will also produce certain Impact. Therefore, when purchasing a linear slide, you must have an accurate understanding of its positioning accuracy, and at the same time, consider the geometric accuracy of its guide rail surface.

Pay attention to the smoothness of the linear slide