What the future direction will be for the Chinese reducer Industry?

- Nov 19, 2020-

China can make significant breakthroughs in the harmonic reducer. On one hand, it is due to the expiration of the patents of related companies that control the core technology and the technical restrictions have been relaxed. On the other hand, it is also because the structure of the harmonic reducer is relatively simple and it is not difficult to overcome. But compared to it, the RV reducer is more complicated.


The RV reducer technology is deadlocked, and its basic technology and structure are more complicated, it takes time to study and research. Therefore, the RV reducer is undoubtedly the main difficulty of Chinese reducer breakthrough. At the same time, according to industry forecasts, industrial robots are currently developing toward the direction of light and small size. Although this has a certain driving effect on the growth of demand for harmonic reducers, for Chinese RV reducers, it undoubtedly deepens the difficult situation of technological breakthroughs.


So, where is the way out for domestic reducers in the future? We believe that there are three aspects that we can work on. First of all, we must continue to expand production capacity. The improvement of enterprise production capacity and the increase in product mass production will highlight the cost advantage of domestic enterprises. When foreign enterprises are trapped by delivery and supply cycles, that will have serious impact on foreign brands if Chinese enterprises can solve the production capacity problem.


The second is to insist on technical research. It’s difficult and long way to get over technology of RV reducer. It is a process of high investment, slow return and heavy capital. Even the leading companies who achieved extraordinary achievements rely much accumulation on time and technology. Therefore, Chinese enterprises must have patience, persistence, faith and craftsmanship to usher in results one step at a time.


Finally, we must give full play to the spirit of collaborative innovation. It not only relying on the individual strength of one single company but also the support of all companies in the entire industry to transform RV from one model into an industry direction. Therefore, Chinese enterprises should also participate in collaborative innovation, and gather industry synergy through strong alliances, cooperation and exchanges, etc., to achieve effective breakthroughs in common issues in corporate development.