What role does the reducer play in mechanical equipment?

- Sep 26, 2020-

The reducer has a wide range of applications. Many mechanical equipment need the consociation with reducer to ensure the perfect performance of the machine. So what role does the reducer play in mechanical device?


1) Change the output speed of the power machine (decelerate, increase or change speed) to suit the working mechanism;

2) Change the output torque of the power machine to meet the requirements of the working mechanism;

3) Convert the output motion form by the power machine to the motion form required by the working mechanism (such as changing the rotary motion to linear motion, or vice versa);

4) Transfer the mechanical energy of one power machine to several working mechanisms, or transfer the mechanical energy of several power machines to one working mechanism;

5) Other special functions, for example, using mechanical reducer device is conducive to the assembly, installation, maintenance and safety of the machine.


In addition, reducer can be widely used in auxiliary systems such as tilt control, lubrication, and lighting etc.