What is The Reason For The Excessive Vibration of The Planetary Reducer?

- Dec 29, 2020-

The vibration during operation of a planetary reducer is normal. But after use it for a long time, the planetary reducer will occasionally vibrate greatly even affecting the normal use. Let's take a look at the reasons for the excessive vibration of the planetary reducer.


1. The motor screws are loose. Similar to the coupling failure, when the motor vibrates due to various reasons, the vibration will be transmitted to the reducer, which will increase the vibration of the reducer;


2. Lose balance due to shaft deformation. When the strength and hardness of the shaft are lower than the requirements or shaft aging due to long-term work, it will cause the deformation of the shaft, then cause vibration to the reducer;


3. The gear is damaged. Gear damage includes serious pitting on the tooth surface, large gear meshing gap, serious gear tooth wear, and broken teeth. The wear of these gears may disenable reducer to work normally due to high vibration;


4. The coupling is damaged. When the coupling connected to this reducer is damaged due to oil leakage, loose screws, etc., vibration will be transmitted to the reducer, then reducer will vibrate abnormally;


5. The bearing is worn out seriously.


6. The anchor screws are loose. The reducer may have loose or broken anchor screws due to long-term work. This will make reducer vibrate and work abnormally;


Vibration is normal when the machine is working, but when the planetary reducer vibrates greatly, users must fix it quickly to ensure it is under normal working status.