What is the rail embedded screw module?

- Jan 30, 2021-

The track embedded screw slide table, similar to the TOYO slide table GTH4/GTH5/GTH8 series, is a modular product that integrates the servo motor and the screw. It converts the rotation motion of the servo motor into linear motion, and simultaneously. The best advantages of the motor-precise speed control, precise revolution control, and precise torque control are transformed into-precise speed control, precise position control, precise thrust control, and a new revolutionary product in the high-precision linear motion series.

The track embedded screw module is a kind of screw driven by a motor to convert it into linear motion through a nut to achieve reciprocating motion, which is used to complete the precise push-pull, closing, take-off and landing control of various equipment. Its standard models are HST50, HST80 and HST120.

The track embedded screw module is mainly composed of a motor, a ball screw, and a track device. The motor includes a servo motor and a stepper motor. Due to its fully enclosed characteristics, the rail embedded screw module can meet various harsh environments. Its main feature is high precision. The stroke, speed and thrust of the lead screw can be controlled with high precision, and the precision difference can be controlled within ±0.01mm.

The maintenance cost of the track embedded screw module is particularly low. It only needs to check the lubrication system regularly. The entire series can be filled with external oil without removing the cover, saving time and cost. The body is made of high-strength corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy Material, and can be dust-proof and sealed, greatly increasing the safety of operation.

The installation method of the track embedded screw module is very flexible and can be connected to various accessories. It has a compact structure and is easily connected with PLC and other control systems to achieve high-precision control. At present, it is in the coordinate manipulator, logistics transmission, automatic correction, Parallel test benches, medical CT gamma knives and other fields have been more and more widely used.

Common industry applications:

·Entertainment industry: robotic arms and joints, dynamic seats, etc.

·Military industry: simulated aircraft, simulation, etc.

·Automotive industry: press, test equipment, etc.

·Industry: food machinery, ceramic machinery, welding machinery, lifting platform, etc.