What is the purpose of the sixteen screen index?

- Jan 29, 2021-

In work, it is often used in some television monitoring systems composed of many cameras. The purpose of using a 16-screen index is to display multiple images on one monitor in turn. This is to allow monitoring People, etc., have seen the situation of all the monitoring points, etc. Using such a index can actually display many images on one monitor.




If you use such a index, when using several screen index for splitting, it is possible to use the same number of monitors as the screen index, so that the number of monitors does not need to be used Too much, it can also make the monitoring staff look clear at a glance.



Flexible method


When you use the 16-picture index, you use image compression and digitization for processing, and many pictures are compressed according to a certain ratio and displayed on a monitor. You can also adjust the interval time.