What is The Cause of The Early Pitting Problem of Planetary Reducer?

- Mar 12, 2021-

The planetary reducer is a widely used reducer, but the problem of early pitting often occurs during use. Why? In fact, the pitting of the planetary reducer is related to the lubricating oil and also to the materials. Now, the planetary reducer manufacturer Saini Intelligent, will introduce to you the reasons for the early pitting of the planetary reducer.


1. The influence of materials and handling specifications

The selection of gear materials, the matching of load and heat treatment hardness are also the reasons for the early pitting corrosion.


2. the impact of lubricants

Due to the unreasonable lubrication of gear transmission and the discomfort of lubricating oil selection, the early pitting of gears may occurs. To prevent early pitting of reducer gears:

(1) Reasonable lubrication of gear reducer transmission and selection on appropriate lubricant.

(2) Improve gear installation accuracy and ensure gear contact accuracy.


For the center drive reducer, if good investigation is not made during assembly and installation, there may be misalignment between the left and right transmission lines, and the load effect is very poor. In this case, one side transmission gear may not be able to bear the load. On the other hand, gear overload (up to 2 times the design load), which can easily lead to progressive early pitting on the tooth surface.