What is Hollow Rotary Table?

- Sep 22, 2020-

The hollow rotary table is a new type of rotating load equipment. It integrates the advantages of servo motors, cam dividers and DD motors to achieve a balance among them. Compared with other similar drive positioning products, it not only accomplish direct load that the servo motor can’t, but also makes up the insufficiency of random viewpoint positioning that divider can’t complete, and meanwhile the accuracy is comparable. However the cost is much lower than DD motor. With using servo motors together, hollow rotary table can fully meet your requirements of circumferential positioning control.

rotary table 

Features of hollow rotary table :

1. Hollow structure : The rotary table is hollow structure, and the servo motor is connected to the side to facilitate wiring and piping.

2. Wide option for motors : The hollow rotary table has custom-made flange and input shaft hole to modify the interface standard, which make it compatible to servo motors and stepping motors of any brand.


Application of hollow rotary table :

 1. CNC indexing equipment

 2. Robot joint

 3. The 4thmachining axis

 4. Military radar

 5. Automated production line


General structural of hollow rotary tables :

1. Standard type

The motor shaft is concentric with the central axis of the table

2. Right angle 

The motor shaft and the central axis of the table are rectangular


The motor shaft is parallel to the central axis of the table