What is a hollow rotating platform and what are its advantages?

- Jan 06, 2021-

1.Immediate connection can improve credibility and control costs



The operation table and mechanical arm of the necessary equipment can be installed on the rotating platform immediately. Compared with the application of belt pulleys and other mechanical parts, the hollow rotating platform can reduce the time and cost of mechanical design, component preparation, and adjustment of transmission belt conditions.




2. Motor equipment


Various well-known brand stepping motors or servo motors can be optionally installed.




3. High precision positioning without backlash


There is no backlash, the accuracy level is not more than 1mln, and the repeat accuracy level reaches 5 arc seconds for positive and negative poles.




4. Large-size hollow structure


Wiring and pipe threading are more convenient and simple. The advantages of this feature are especially prominent in the natural environment of complicated wiring and pipe threading.