What does the lead of the linear module slide table mean?

- Feb 24, 2021-

Generally, we will encounter an important parameter when selecting the linear module sliding table, that is, "lead". Recently, many friends have asked this question. This time, the editor will tell you in detail here.


Lead: Lead means that the servo or stepper motor rotates once, and the distance that the linear module sliding table can move is called the lead (to add, the pitch of the ball screw is also the lead), so why is there what about such a parameter? Because the lead is an important parameter for calculating the running speed of this linear module, it plays a very important role in the selection and application.

For example, if the lead of the linear module is 20, then this sliding table can follow the formula: lead X motor speed per second = fastest running speed.


We know that the lead is 20. What is the speed of the motor per second? The servo motor is converted into seconds according to the speed of 3000 revolutions per minute, which is equal to 3000÷60=50 revolutions/second, and the data is put into the formula: 20X50=1000MM/S; stepping motors are converted into seconds according to 600 revolutions per minute and equal to 600÷60 =10 revolutions/S, substituting into the formula is: 20*10=200MM/S.


In the case of the same motor speed, the larger the lead, the faster the speed, and the smaller the lead, the slower the speed.