What Are The Factors And Advantages of The Smooth Operation Of The Electric Translation Table?

- Oct 19, 2020-

The specific function of the ball screw of the electric translation stage is to convert the rotation operation of the motor into a straight angle operation. The motor-controlled translation stage mostly uses ball screws or ground ball screws. The rolling friction between the ball screw and the nut is established by the steel ball, the operation is stable, the rotation rate is easy to maintain high-speed operation, and the diameter of the steel ball can be changed or the double nut can be used to reasonably and effectively handle the axial gap.


  The selection of the guide rail of the electric translation table is a key factor for the operation stability and load bearing of the motor-controlled translation table. The translation table adopts various forms of guide rails, but the precision motor-controlled translation table specifically selects linear sliders or cross roller guides.




   So what are the specific operating advantages?

   1. The electric translation stage can quantitatively convert the rotation operation of the motor into a uniform linear motion, and its energy conversion rate can achieve up to 70%. This index directly improves its load capacity.


  2. The electric translation stage has high operation accuracy, and precise positioning and repeated precise positioning can achieve micron level.


3. Different types of operation conversion can maintain high-speed operation. In many applications, the operating speed of the translation table must be increased. In this case, the translation table generally appears: the drive is a high-speed servo motor, and the rotation is a large pitch ball wire lever, or rack rotation, toothed belt and other major types, so that without sacrificing accuracy and stability under the premise of improving the speed of operation,


  4. When the electric translation stage is used, it can make the tools installed on it realize random points in the three-dimensional space. With the help of linear interpolation adjustment, it can maintain the complicated trajectory.