What Are The Characteristics of The Hollow Rotating Platform?

- Oct 16, 2020-

The hollow rotating platform is a revolutionary product, which is used in various rotary motions. The hollow rotating platform can replace the dd motor and cam distributor. It integrates high efficiency, high precision, high rigidity and low cost performance. It is a revolutionary product of rotating machinery. The two are balanced, the repeat positioning accuracy is less than 5 seconds, the motor configuration is convenient, and the load is stable. It can be combined with AC servo motor or stepping motor to perform any angle division, which can not only meet the digital control that the frequency divider cannot achieve, but also match the positioning accuracy of the dd motor. It can greatly reduce costs.


The characteristics of the hollow rotating platform are:


The turntable of the table has a hollow structure, and the servo motor is connected to the side, which is convenient for installing gas pipelines and wires in metallurgical tools.

The hollow rotating platform with high repeatable positioning accuracy uses single-stage helical gear deceleration to increase the output torque, and the gear accuracy level is below grade 5. In addition, the flexible gap adjustment mechanism of the hollow rotating platform controls the backlash by changing the center distance of the two gears, so that the hollow rotating platform has the smallest air return, and the repeat positioning accuracy is less than 5 arc seconds.


The high rigidity hollow rotating platform turntable is supported by a set of precision cross roller bearings. The rollers in the bearing are arranged in a 90-degree staggered arrangement, and the diameter of the rollers is slightly larger than the size of the raceway between the inner and outer rings of the bearing, so that there is a force between the inner and outer rings and the rollers of the cross roller bearing . Therefore, the turntable of the servo turntable whose hollow rotating platform is supported by bearings can withstand various radial, axial, and overturning. The torque is large, and its rigidity is more than 10 times that of traditional bearings.

After assembling the high-precision servo hollow rotating platform, the cross roller bearing of the platform is used as the center of rotation, and the outer diameter and end face of the turntable are ground again to ensure the coax and parallelism of the turntable.

The hollow rotating platform with any motor configuration can flexibly change the size of the interface through customized flanges and input shaft holes, which is suitable for the connection of servo motors and stepping motors of any brand.