What Are The Advantages Of Linear Motors Compared To Traditional Rotating Motors?

- Dec 04, 2020-

In recent years, with the development of economic and technology, linear motors have been improved. More and more companies on the market have switched from traditional rotating motors to linear motors. The linear motors is showing an upward trend year by year, and the growth rate is relatively stable.


Because the linear motor can produce linear motion without any intermediate conversion mechanism, it is especially suitable for linear motion occasions. Compared with the traditional rotating motor, the device driven by the linear motor has the following advantages:


(1) The mover in the linear motor can be directly connected with the load to produce linear motion, without intermediate transmission mechanisms such as chains and screws, which can greatly improve the transmission efficiency.


(2) Due to the few intermediate transmission connection accessories, the structure of linear motor motion system is simple , therefore it can reduce noise interference caused by mechanical friction, and because of its simple structure, it can greatly improve the reliability of the system.


(3) The linear motor can generate extremely high linear speed through its own great acceleration in a short stroke.


(4) The linear motor is not restricted by centrifugal force, so its linear running speed is unlimited.


(5) The linear motor has regular primary shape and is easy to be encapsulated. The armature winding can be encapsulated with epoxy resin and other chemical materials to protect it from the intrusion of chemical liquids or rainwater, which is more convenient for application in harsh environments.