What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Planetary Reducers?

- Oct 22, 2019-

Planetary gear accelerators are often used in transmission equipment with high speed and low torque. Usually, the power of highway running such as electric motor is transmitted through the gears of the planetary reducer. The big teeth come to the goal of speed.

Planetary Gearbox

1).the characteristics of the planetary gear reducer are mainly reflected in the following two points:

1. The planetary reducer will increase its output torque in addition to the speed reduction. The torque input ratio is multiplied by the motor input and the reduction ratio. Here, you need to pay attention to a detail. The torque input is higher than the lower than the planetary gear. The rated torque of the machine.

2. The planetary gear reducer will reduce its load inertia while reducing the speed. The increase of inertia is the square of the acceleration ratio. In general, the motor will have an inertia value.

The planetary gear reducer is characterized by its light weight, large return stroke and low precision. Its applicable service life is very short, and the kilowatt input torque can be made very small.

2).the planetary reducer drive a bit:

The utility model has the advantages of small volume, slow weight, low carrying capacity, short service life, stable operation, high noise, small input torque, small speed ratio, low efficiency and safety performance. It has the characteristics of power connection and the use of residual teeth.

3).the planetary reducer drive shortcomings:

The materials are of high quality, the structure is complicated, and the production and installation are more difficult. However, with the further understanding and mastery of the planetary transmission technology and the introduction and digestion of foreign planetary transmission technology, the transmission structure and the mode of the speech are constantly improved, and the production technology level is also greatly improved.


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