Useful Guidance for Operating a Hollow Rotary Platform

- Sep 24, 2020-

We received consults from customers recently about the usage of hollow rotary platforms. Here we list some guidance as below for the users before using the platforms.


1. Do not connect the hollow rotary platform to the load side.


2. Carry and move the hollow rotary platform carefully especially at the edge and key side.


3. Do not hit the hollow rotary platform with a hammer. Prevent the hammer from falling and damaging the reducer of the hollow rotary platform.


4. Try to avoid touching the rotation axis with hands or other objects while operating the hollow rotary platform.


5. Try to avoid over-installing products when assembling roller skates, connecting keys and mechanical keys.


6. Please don’t dis-assembly or re-assembly of the hollow rotary platform without authorization.

The above are some points that need to be knew to when using the hollow rotary platform. In addition, the rotary platform should stop immediately if the product appears abnormal.