Use Lubricating Oil Correctly

- Nov 27, 2020-

(1) Selection of lubricating oil : Choose appropriate lubricating oil is correctly according to the different working environment, the load weight, transmission features and conflict. For example, high-speed gears should choose gear oils with low viscosity and good fluidity, low-speed gears should choose oils with good abrasion resistance, and low-condensing gear oils should be chosen for low-temperature gears.


2)How to use : to ensure the normal operation of the reducer, it is necessary to use smooth oil correctly.

① Ensure that the fueler is clean, strictly avoid impurities and other pollutants from entering the fuel tank, and prevent water leakage, oil leakage and oil mixing.

② Appropriate lubricating oil injection : the refueling operation should be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions of the relevant manual. Furthermore, the lubricating oil of the reducer should be replaced regularly.

③ Make the lubricating oil work under stable and suitable environmental conditions, the oil temperature during operation is generally ≤80℃, and minimize the impact of the environment on the lubricating oil.


Reasonable selection of lubricating oil according to different conditions and different types of reducers can not only ensure the stable operation of the lubricating system, but also reduce the lubrication cost.


(3)Preliminary maintenance and fault diagnosis: Strengthen the theoretical study of the reducer's lubricant oil maintenance and fault diagnosis, grasp the operating principle of the reducer, and integrate theory with practice; check the lubricant oil of the reducer regularly, find out the reasons immediately if there is an abnormality, and treat faults properly; regular cleaning of parts to ensure the cleanliness of operating parts, strengthen maintenance of each part, reduce wear and tear caused by pollution, and extend the service life of the reducer.