Types of The Gears of Servo Reducer

- Mar 26, 2021-

There are so many standards to classify the types of servo reducers in the market, resulting in more and more product types, making it difficult for customers to successfully purchase products that are suitable for them. However, from the customer's position there are indeed simpler type standards that are worth learning to make it as basis for purchase.


1. Types of reducer

1.1  Distinguished by gear

There are 2 types of the reducer gear, namely spur gear and helical gear. Different gears will inevitably affect the function of the equipment, especially the reduction ratio. It is often closely related to the gear type. But no matter which type it is, the precision of the gear components must be ensured, otherwise the entire equipment will be damaged during operation.


1.2 Distinguished by installation

Due to the different needs of customers, the installation of the servo reducer are also completely different. In order to meet the needs of each customer, many manufacturers have offed reducers that can adopt different installation. At present, it is roughly include vertical installation and horizontal installation.


2. Reducer Type does not determine its’ quality

2.1 The influence of material on quality

The reducers can be classified by gears and installation, but classification does not completely determine the quality of the reducer. On the contrary, the material of the reducer is the core factor that determines the quality. Manufacturers in the market generally use alloy steel as the basic material for production equipment, and the strength and toughness of this material are guaranteed.


2.2 The influence of heat dissipation performance on quality

Servo reducer will generate heat during operation. If the heat dissipation performance of the reducer is not good, the possibility of damage will be greatly increased with the longer operation time. And the functional efficiency will gradually decrease. So the heat dissipation performance is also an important factor affecting the quality of the reducer.


In fact, the type of reducer can be further subdivided, so as to fit in various special occasions. And each manufacturer has different models, but in any case quality is always the first element of purchasing.