Types of Linear Modules

- Dec 02, 2020-

With the development of society, people's needs are getting higher and higher. In order to meet the demands, the market has gradually diversified products. So do the linear modules. How to distinguish different linear modules according to their structure? The technical engineer from Gigager will explain it for us.


The linear module can be divided into belt type and ball screw type, according to its internal structure.


Belt linear module: The transmission is completed by belts and linear guides. It’s mainly composed of belts, linear guides, aluminum alloy, couplings, motors, photoelectric switches and other accessories.

Ball screw linear module: The transmission is completed by ball screw and linear guide. It’s mainly composed of ball screw, linear guide, aluminum alloy, ball screw support, coupling, motor, photoelectric switch and other accessories composition.


The linear module also can be divided into open type and closed type, according to its external structure.


Open type: the force part of the linear module is mainly concentrated on the lower part and both sides, and its transmission part is exposed outside

Closed type: the force part of the linear module is mainly concentrated on the external material, which closes its transmission part. 


There are 2 connection between the linear module and the motor, namely direct type and indirect type. In order to facilitate the user's design, you can choose whether to equip the motor according to customer demand. The power source can be stepper motors or servo motors, depends on actual conditions.


The above is the sharing from the technical engineer of Gigager about the linear module type. Please refer to our website for more details. Gigager is a professional transmission equipment supplier in China. Its goal is to provide customers with perfect quality products and services on the basis of competitive prices and fast delivery.