Torque motor voltage regulation method

- Nov 20, 2018-

The torque motor operates in an unbalanced state, and the adjustment performance is poor. However, due to the simple equipment, this type of adjustment is widely used. The commonly used single-phase voltage regulation methods are as follows:

1. The regulator is connected between the two phases.

2. The voltage regulator is connected between one phase and zero line. When using single-phase regulation, it should be noted that after the voltage regulator is adjusted to a voltage lower than a certain value, a negative torque will occur at a certain speed. When the voltage is adjusted to 0V, a negative torque will occur throughout the speed range. If the torque motor is driven by textiles, plastics, paper, etc., there is a braking torque at the motor, which may cause the tension to be abnormal. The reason for the negative torque is due to the soft characteristics of the torque motor.