Tips In The Use Of Reducer

- Dec 14, 2020-

The current reducer has more tips in the actual operation process. Most of my friends are most concerned about the tips of using these equipment. So from the current situation, how should we use it?

If the reducer is in use, after 300 hours of continuous operation, some of their oil should be replaced, and in the subsequent operation process, the quality of these oils should also be checked, in terms of certain ingredients , Regarding these oils mixed with impurities, or some other oils, they must be replaced in time. Generally speaking, for the reducer that has been effectively linked for a long time, it should basically work every 5000 hours. For replacement, and if it stops for a long time, basically there are some conditions on the reducer. The oil should be replaced at the beginning of the operation. The reducer should have the same oil as the original supply oil. It is best not to Mix different brands of oil.

In the process of changing the oil of the Bang reducer, you must wait for the entire equipment to cool down and then replace it. In this way, a series of dangers caused by incineration can be better avoided, but it is still necessary to insist on heating. Even after the entire oil is completely cooled, the viscosity of the oil will gradually increase, and it will also be difficult to drain the oil.