Tips for Reducers in Running-in Period

- Nov 09, 2020-

The reducer needs running-in period before actual application process. Correct operation during this period can extend the life of the entire reducer gear. Basically, all operators must follow the guidance given by the manufacturers. What should be paid attention to during the actual use of the reducer?


1. In the operation process of the reducer, we must limit the working load of gear reducer, and even the entire working load should not exceed its own rated value. Thus it just can prevent overheating.


2. During the actual operation of the gear reducer, it is necessary to observe the operating conditions. Once abnormalities appear, stop immediately, and then report the situation to the manufacturer and assist them to handle it well.


3. In the actual operation, choose the most suitable lubricant, especially the reducer with large input power. During this period, it is necessary to check the quality of the lubricating oil, or to check the sealing of the entire machine. It is necessary to find out why the lubricating oil used up so quick.