Three Directions of Chinese Reducer Transformation

- Oct 15, 2020-

China is currently in transitional period of economic and social development, and the reducer industry, as an "old industry" that started early in China, should be an example to promote the smooth transition of national economic and social development.


The transformation of Chinese reducer industry can start from the following 3 directions :

First of all, with the national support for green and environmental friendly reducers, the reducer industry should establish and improve innovation systems and mechanisms, and insist on the core of refinement and recycling of the chemical industry, intelligentization of the equipment manufacturing industry, biologicalization and serialization of the pharmaceutical industry, and emerging industrialization and integration, to jointly promote the healthy and efficient development of the industry.


Secondly, reducer enterprises should strengthen cooperation with large domestic and foreign enterprises and consortia. The international economic situation is not optimistic currently. Innovative reducer enterprises should support large and good projects, increase investment in technology and specialized talents, and to follow the development strategy of  "attracting large projects, cultivating large enterprises, gathering large industries, and building large industrial park".


Finally, the enterprises must cultivate brands and apply own patents to accelerate the creation on soft environment for transformation, upgrading and innovation. The mechanical transmission device industry in various fields of the reducer includes various types of gear reducers, planetary reducers and worm reducers, various special transmission devices, speed-increasing devices, speed regulating devices, and various composite transmission devices including flexible transmission devices. These involve metallurgy, coal, building materials, shipbuilding, water conservancy, electric power, engineering machinery and petrochemical industries.


The development of the industry not only requires the coordination of the industrial chain and the establishment of innovation system, but also the driving force of leading enterprises. When the driving force gradually increases and the benign operation ability continues to be superimposed, the whole industry will continue to improve and upgrade towards a healthy and efficient development.