Three Core Functions of Precision Planetary Reducer

- Mar 22, 2021-

Precision planetary reducer is a common industrial equipment. It is composed of some precision accessory such as planetary gear, internal gear and sun gear etc. Planetary reducers have many types, such as planetary reducers, gear reducers, harmonic reducers and so on. In addition, their application can be military or civilian use, according to different functions. So, what is the core function of planetary reducer?

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1. Speed reduction

The core function of the reducer is to reduce the speed of the fast rotating motor. This speed reduction is performed by precision parts such as planetary gears, internal gears and sun gears. It is not a sudden slowdown but a slow slowdown, so that you can adapt to application demand after slowing down.


2. Meet actual needs

Another function of the reducer is to change the output power of the machine. The rotating speed of the motor is very high, which is not suitable for slow work. Reducer can increase the output torque of the machine to meet users need.


3. Increase work efficiency and reduce less wear

The precision reducer is easy to be disassemble and installed. For example, some industrial waste recycling machines like conveyor belts and mixers are all driven by motors, and they are equipped with deceleration devices, which can increase the efficiency of the equipment and reduce wear and tear.


The reduced speed requirements are differentunder different working environments. So users should choose precision reducer that suitable for their actual demand.