The Working Principle And Daily Maintenance of The Ball Screw on The Linear Module

- Dec 14, 2020-

The screw linear module includes linear guides, ball screws, aluminum profiles, motors, photoelectric switches and other accessories. In addition to linear guides, the role of ball screws is also very important. It converts rotary motion into linear motion and has the features of high precision, reversibility and high efficiency. Due to its small friction resistance, it has higher accuracy than the synchronous belt linear module when it’s applied to the linear module. 


Ball screw is mainly composed of screw, nut, ball and raceway (ball return device), nut seat and so on. The screw and nut are machined with arc spiral grooves. When they are put together, a spiral raceway is formed, and the raceway is filled with balls, and the balls roll along the raceway and go through the ball return tube to make a repeated cycle movement. The two ends of the ball return pipe also play the role of blocking balls to prevent the balls from falling out along the raceway.


The ball screw is so important to the linear module that we need to take good care of it. Linear modules don’t need to be bought and installed. Just like other mechanical equipment, linear modules also need maintenance. The maintenance accessories include ball screws.


The ball screw is a long metal product like a screw. The way to maintain this kind of relatively simple metal product is simple. Everyone knows that the maintenance of a car engine is to change the oil. This is the same for the ball screw. It needs lubricant to maintain it. How often should it be maintained? Generally, according to your usage, it is recommended to maintain it once a month if you use it frequently. It is best to maintain it every three months!


Two points need to be paid attention to during maintenance. Lubricants for maintenance need to choose lubricants with different effects according to the environment. The first point is that a lubricant with a low base oil viscosity is required for low temperature applications. The second is that a lubricant with a high base oil viscosity is required for applications such as high temperature, high load, shaking, and low speed.


If you have more questions regarding the working principle of the linear module and the knowledge of daily maintenance, please contact Gigagers team.