The Selection Of gear Reducer Requires Attention To The Reduction Ratio

- Nov 11, 2020-

At present, there are many brands of gear reducer in the market. Although most gear reducer brands tend to show customers their advantages in hardware configuration in order to enhance the competitiveness of their brands, such as gear processing technology, oil seal casting materials, and so on. But sometimes it is difficult to avoid some software configuration problems, so manufacturers must pay attention to its reduction ratio when selecting gear reducers.


The editor will take you to learn about the reasonable matching of the gear reducer's reduction ratio and the motor power it bears. Talking about gear reducers, the reduction ratio is its first attribute. How is the reduction ratio derived? Firstly it is determined by the operating speed of the machine, and then calculate the reduction ratio of the gear reducer based on this speed.


The reduction ratio of the gear can be calculated as this; (reducer=input shaft) (speed/output shaft speed=motor speed/mechanical required speed.) Changing the reduction ratio after it is done is equivalent to making a new one, wasting the production cycle and delaying the customers delivery period, so the manufacturer is in the gear. It is important to consider the reduction ratio of the reducer before selecting it.


At the same time, a reasonable configuration of the motor power of the gear reducer and the size of the gear reducer is particularly important. This requires a clear understanding of the output torque of the configured gear reducer. After calculating the torque of the equipment load, it is determined according to the data on the output torque table. Whether the gear reducer reaches the safety range of the torsion force that the mechanical equipment needs to bear.

Pay attention to the safety factor in the selection of the gear reducer. If the safety factor is too small, no matter what brand of gear reducer is, it is easy to break, and it has no relationship with the quality; if the safety factor is too large, it is also equipment The design itself is a waste of resources.