The Reducer Industry Should Calmly Deal With The Pressure of Transformation

- Oct 21, 2020-

As an industry closely related to the equipment manufacturing industry, my country's reducer prospects are very optimistic. It is reported that the average annual growth rate of reducer production in my country has reached more than 20%, which is higher than the growth rate of the national machinery industry. It has now formed an annual output value of 10 billion Yuan and a national industrial cluster.

My countrys reducer industry has a great potential for development. Enterprises have made continuous progress in production and product design technology. In recent years, they have also made greater strides in automation to increase efficiency and competitiveness. However, they are facing opportunities and also accompanied by great challenges.  Electronics, communications, metal, aerospace and other fields have put forward higher requirements to the reducer industry. For example, nowadays, automotive reducers use less domestic equipment, and some precision fields will not even consider domestic products at all. In the face of such a situation, my country's reducer industry should calmly, calmly, and actively respond to meet the needs of the industry to the greatest extent so that the domestic reducer industry can develop better in the future.