The Most Regular Faults of The Servo Planetary Reducer?

- Mar 19, 2021-

Planetary gear transmission is used in many industries because of its light weight, strong bearing capacity and high efficiency. To fully consider the load-bearing characteristics of the planetary gear transmission, it is necessary to specify that the prefabricated components of the system software have sufficient compression resistance and credibility. What is the failures cause of the servo mechanical planetary reducer?

planetary reducer series


Various failures may happen during the whole application process of the servo planetary reducer. According to the investigation, 90% of the regular faults in the power planetary reducer are caused by the transmission gear.


In addition, the destruction of the transmission gear is the fundamental cause of the planetary reducer. Therefore, during normal operation process of the power gear reducer users must pay attention to the maintenance of the transmission gear.


There are various modes of ineffective transmission gears, and the cracks are serious. This inefficiency will cause fatigue break on transmission gear, then all transmission gears are completely invalid.


Therefore, to analyze the failures of the cracks and find the way to diagnose these faults is important to the fault detection.


For a long time, people has carried out lots of scientific research on the diagnosis method of transmission gear cracks, and obtained many results.


The basic method of diagnosis is vibration spectrum analysis, which is based on the traditional basic vibration theory, uses diagnostic equipment to collect statistics and wave patterns of its vibration, and then conducts analysis and diagnosis to find the cause and location of the failures.


However, the necessary condition for doing so is that the failures entity modeling must be sufficiently accurate to be able to carry out proper identification of vibration data signals under regular failure conditions, and it also requires the operators has to be experienced in fault detection.


The regular failures of the transmission gear will immediately endanger the reliable operation of the power servo planetary reducer, so as to cause paralysis of all system software.


In the application of planetary reducer, people should pay great attention to the maintenance of the transmission gear to ensure that the transmission gear is in good conditions.