The Main Arena for International Reducer Industry : China

- Oct 13, 2020-

After over 40 years of market development, China's reducer have developed from single cycloid reducer to the current gear reducer, worm gear reducer, etc., which are widely used in electric machinery, metallurgical machinery, environmental protection machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, water conservancy machinery and other fields of the national economy.


Chinese reducer industry has achieved huge industrial scale after several decades of efforts. At present, China not only fulfil the demand of the domestic mainstream market, but also export to other countries and occupy a certain position in the international market. China has become the world's reducer manufacturing base.


Driven by the continuous macro-control, Chinese reducer industry has gradually became the main arena of the international reducer industry. World-renowned companies have entered into China domestic market, and relying on their brand, strong capital, advanced technology and equipment, etc., to launched fierce competition with domestic reducer enterprises. However, domestic enterprises that are mainly engaged in the general-purpose reducers before while have less involvement in the field of industrial reducers, and the industrial technology is not yet mature. Therefore, in the competition with foreign advanced enterprises, there is still long way to go for Chinese reducer enterprises to dominate in the market competition.


The recovery of the world economy has made the consumer market active again. Meanwhile, the effects of Chinese macro-economic policies and the continuous strengthening of infrastructure investment will definitely drive the substantial increase the demand for reducers in industries such as metallurgy, electric power, and construction machinery etc., and will promote the technological development and innovation of the reducer industry.