The Key Points of Planetary Gear Reducer Selection

- Jan 29, 2021-

Planetary gear reducer is the most commonly used type of reducer matching the servo motor. Users should pay attention to the following points when choosing a planetary gear reducer.


1. Firstly, determine the reduction ratio of the planetary gear reducer. If the standard reducer does not have the reduction ratio you need, please choose a close one or customize it.


2. After determining the reduction ratio, please multiply the rated torque of the servo motor you choose by the reduction ratio, and the value obtained should be less than the rated output torque of the similar reducer. At the same time, the overload capacity and the maximum working torque of the driven motor should be also considered.


3. The maximum working torque required by the planetary gear reducer should be more than twice the rated output torque. When the above conditions are satisfied, please choose the smallest reducer. The cost of the smaller reducer is relatively low.


4. Next, consider the backlash of the planetary gear reducer. The smaller of the return gap, the higher accuracy and the higher cost. Users should choose the reducers that meet their accuracy requirements.


5. Users also need to consider the lateral/radial force and average life. Reducers with large lateral/radial forces are highly reliable in installation and use, and are not likely have problems. Usually, their average life is much longer than the life of the servo motor.