The Development Status of Chinese Transmission Enterprises

- Nov 23, 2020-

In recent years, in addition to the continuous technological breakthrough of domestic reducers, some manufacturers are also preparing for further development and making strategic adjustments.

For example, some companies say that product differentiation is the company’s central advantage. While insisting on the differentiated development of small batches and multiple varieties, they also tailor-made new products for customers. And for those new products under development, they are also perform internal testing and third-party inspection.

While from some manufacturers view, the differentiated products are mainly modular reducers and high-power reducers. Their newly developed modular reducers have better integrated functions than the original version. It is estimated that by the end of this year, the full upgrade of the new version product will be basically completed.

In addition to being used in industrial robots, RV and harmonic reducers are also widely used in other automation fields. Therefore, some experts have stated that there is no need for manufacturers to just keep their eyes on the robotics and they can explore other areas.

In the reducer supporting the construction category (tower crane), in the development of high-power reducer, some companies have dealt with the noise problem under high-speed operation, and now this product has begun to be produced and sold in small batches, marking the construction machinery market has achieved initial success; in accordance with the needs of environmental protection professional customers, they have also developed a high-power reducer that can be used in kitchen waste treatment equipment and began smooth delivery.

There are some other companies stated that they will capture the national military-civilian integration policy. In the second half of the year, the integration of host and component resources in the military-civilian field will constitute a "breaking point" for operations in 2020.

In the gear
field, some companies are taking a path of "first overseas market, then domestic". In the field of delicacy reducers, they also intend to encircle these two aspects. They declared that in the domestic market, their reducer have been widely used in many mainstream robot products. The product development will focus on the application and matching of different industrial scenarios this year. On the overseas market, their collaboration with European shopping mall has also achieved certain results, and this work is continuing to move forward.