The Core Position of The Reducer For The Robot

- Nov 17, 2020-

As one of the three core components of robots, the reducer has always been the focus of industries development. Nowadays, with the progress of a number of domestic enterprises, the development of domestic reducer is accelerating!


As we all know, the reducer is a type of reduction transmission device in modern machinery, which mainly plays the role of matching speed and transmitting torque. In the robot industry that has developed rapidly in recent years, the reducer is not only considered to be one of the important components of robots, but also considered to be the key to obtain breakthrough development of the industry.


You may ask, for industrial robots, its own speed control function can also be realized through the power source servo motor, why is the reducer so important? That's because, due to the particularity of repeated operations of industrial robots, they have high positioning and repeated positioning accuracy speed regulation requirements, which obviously cannot be met by servo motors that mainly provide power, so it must rely on reducers to provide effective protection to precise work.


In addition, the reducer also plays a role in transmitting torque in the industrial robot. On one hand, it can release the load pressure through its own adjustment and reduce the power loss of the servo motor; on the other hand, it can maintain a suitable and stable rotation speed to ensure long-term, periodic robot operation accuracy.


It is precisely based on the above-mentioned functions and advantages that the reducer has always been regarded as the focus of the development of the robot industry by various countries, and China also regards the reducer as the key to the rise of the robot industry. Therefore, in recent years, with the vigorous development of industrial robots, the actual domestic demand for reducers for robots is also rising rapidly.