The Characteristics of Manual Sliding Table And The Main Items in Use

- Oct 12, 2020-

A. Manual sliding table features:


1. The guide rail uses a straight ball to accurately grind the steel bar under light load.


2. The processed base makes the straightness, deflection, pitch and parallelism of the worktable within a certain range.


3. Displacement adjustment is driven by fine grinding and fine-tuning thread pair.


4. Fine-tuning to ensure the micro-feed of the manual sliding table.


5. The fine adjustment screw pair is located in the center of the translation table, which is easy to operate.


6. Use spring return to eliminate axial clearance.


7. There are mounting holes with standard hole space between the desktop and the base, which is convenient for installation and combination.


B. What should I pay attention to when using a manual sliding table?


   1. According to the requirements of the field equipment and tool installation area, use the following two stable screw holes or mounting brackets to directly or additionally protect or use other machines.


  2. Pay attention to the angle of the traction rope during installation, that is, try to make the mechanism from the rope outlet to the moving part of the traction rope slide linearly during operation, and try to keep the angle deviation to a minimum to ensure the measurement accuracy and the service life of the cable. For long-stroke vertical installation, it is recommended to install the winch body at the bottom and pull the traction rope upward.


  3. The traction rope itself is coated with stainless steel and fluorine. Don't let it burn, cut and hit under the action of external force: Excessive debris, dust or items that can damage the cable are stored in the inner pulley or outlet, which will damage the cable and cause operation failure.


  4. If it is not installed on the stabilizer seat or manual sliding table, it is forbidden to pull out the wire rope by hand or other products to make it rebound instantly, causing the wire rope to break, damaging the body structure and personal safety.


   5. If the mechanism is used for non-linear motion, please install a suitable pulley for operation, and connect the bending motion with the linear motion. If it is used in harsh environments or special occasions, please assemble the protective device by yourself.


  When we use a manual sliding table, we must use it according to its performance characteristics to avoid bad consequences due to improper operation.